We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

At the birth of our  United State of America we declare our independence from your perceived oppressor with the ideas and proclamations that everyone is created equal, that we hold these truths to be self-evident, thus requiring no other evidence, discourse or reseasoning.

As such  America started on the journey to make that statement true.  There have been , admittably, major departures, we have come to cross roads many times and have taken the wrong road almost always.

Now in ‘modern’ times  the American populace wants to get on track, traveling down the road of truth. One such example is the idea of African American History.  The very idea of African American History  is American History, the unabridged version.  

In Florida, again there was a crossroad and again the wrong road was taken.  How is it possible to disparage African American History, there is no American History without it. There is no self-evident truth in US History  without the complete  story.  To cut out, censor  African American History is to leave American History as the ‘cliff notes’ to  the complete story.

It is shocking  that those who are against ethnic studies/African American history  are supposed to want the best education for their children. How will that happen when they will only know a portion of the truth?


  • Challenge yourself to learn more about African American/Ethnic studies.  Watch documentaries this is a ‘fun’ way  ( for me at least) to learn history.PBS,  Netflix, Amazon Prime etc are good places to start

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