To Have and To Hold

Often when people and organizations start their equity journey they feel  a sense of purpose and exhilaration.  Taking this step creates feelings of well doing and altruism.   Those starting their journey assume everyone else feels the same way and that they process will be easy.

Well that is rarely the case.  

Starting an equity journey is a lot like starting a relationship,a commitment, a marriage.

In the first stages it is  wonderful, ideas of learning new things,  feelings of righteousness and alacrity abound.  However once you are on the journey they work goes deeper and gets harder.

As in a marriage, we must remain committed. In traditional marriage vows there is the refrain in which the couple pledge to each other to have and to hold, meaning they  will keep an active role with skin in the coming  “ to have” and not give up when things get hard “ to hold”.

While  walking on the equity journey, one must consider this idea and a similar commitment. 

As in any commitment the hardest part is not making the commitment, that most challenging aspect is keeping it. 

How strong is your commitment to equity when things get hard, when those who you thought would be your allies turn out to be enemies, when you start to reveal truth and take risks and as a result lose friendship. When you speak up and advocate, your livelihood is threatened. 

Because that is what it takes to be a genuine equity champion.  Will you continue in the relationship?  Will you commit to take equity, diversity and inclusion to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse?


  • What challenges do you face on your personal equity journey,  how can you mitigate those challenges?

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