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Sankore Learn

Diversity in Digital Learning

Sankore Learn is the digital learning arm of Sankore Consulting.  Here we specialize in creating digital content courses that meet the needs of diverse learners.

Our signature offering is WOKE Digital Empowerment for Girls















This program will focus on providing you with an opportunity to explore  your voice and perspective in relation topics concerning girls of color. Work was created by Sankore Consulting with the intent to provide young women with topics  and resources that would be meaningful and digital skills that would be impactful. 


The curriculum is born out of the  Digital Kinship Framework  that ask youth to "create WHAT is important For you and with those WHO are important TO you". 

In each Module  we will focus on a different topic and during the month you will spend time: engaging in discussions, readings and creating a 'digital' artifact to express  your learning and ideas.

Ms. DeActra Singleton

De’Actra Singleton is an Esthetician and the owner of De’Actra Signature Beauty Suite in Burnsville, MN.  She has held many roles in the church/community such as Executive  Administrator, Certified Preteen & Teenage Bible school teacher, and a Youth mentor. She is  also an ordained Evangelist at Rhema International Church.

Most recently she was the College to Career  Coordinator at Hope Community  Inc. a partnership with Best Buy Clubhouse Network 


DeActra is  Director of Outreach and Implementation at Sankore Consulting for W.O.K.E; A program designed to target young women of color to help them identify, reclaim, and express their African heritage through Digital Empowerment.



For more information or to purchase the WOKE  subscription contact

@ deactra@sankore.consulting