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Diversity Equity and Inclusion + Innovation
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1. Be transparent and accountable.
2. Be curious and deliberate.
3. Be willing to sponsor diverse talent.
4. Be ready to bring everyone with you.
5. Be patient
This is an important article becaus it outlines the idea the DEI work is big but it is ok to start with small steps. And Accessible ways to frame an inform the work for stakeholder buyin
The sample rubric, below, is a template for search committees to use for assessing candidate contributions to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). It is a guide, and can be adapted to specific searches as appropriate given departmental or disciplinary expertise.
This rubric is a great tool for 1. Establishing the importance of DEIB in an organization by making it a part of the interview process. Further it useful because it provides a domain where it ask for ‘track record’ evidence. This will separate those for whom equity is peformative and those who equity is essential
Six benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace:
1. Cultural diversity helps develop and maximise skillsets
2. Cultural diversity improves the recruitment process
3. Cultural diversity can help you to retain talent
4. Cultural diversity improves your teams creativity
5. Cultural diversity can help increase employee engagement
6. Cultural diversity will improve your company’s reputation
This article does good job of going from they why and what really to mapping out the how. Giving leaders/mangers clear actions to create, support and sustain diversity in the workplace.
Racism and Inequity are products of design. They can be Redesigned
Resource to promote new ways to dismantle institutional oppression
Our brains are wired to make assumptions, which can sometimes be off base
A quick video to encourage a different way to look at bias
Strategic Planning and Innovation
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The big idea with the Design Sprint is to build and test a prototype in just five days.
Outlines a process of rapid prototyping
Thinking like a designer can transform the way organizations develop products, services, processes, and strategy
This sites gives a sound overview of the rationale and function of the design thinking process , giving voice to the mindset needed for the designer
Liberatory Design is a creative problem-solving approach and practice that centers equity and supports us to design for liberation
This is a design thinking process that centers equity in both function and ideal. This process offers a framework to be used for within and without the design process.
A logic model is a graphical representation of your program, from the resources (inputs) and activities that will take place, to the deliverables (outputs) and goals( outcomes) that the program will produce.
Click on the Free Logic Model Temple to see the tool and observe the at a glance process
It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in now—the choice is the same for all companies:
Innovate or get left behind.
This article offers clear accessible ideas for innovation with relatable examples.
Digital Equity and Inclusion
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This effort recognizes the school districts that are building meaningful community partnerships and creating tools to help district leaders get started in achieving digital equity.
The toolkit is a practical guide for educational leaders looking to address digital equity concerns in their communities.
The sanctuary movement has recently resurfaced in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s crackdown on undocumented immigration. As a result, some colleges and universities have declared themselves to be sanctuary campuses for undocumented students.
This article identifyes 7 data protection practices that should be enacted to offer digital sanctuary to all higher ed students
Here is an outline a pedagogy of online learning — not best practices, but points of departure to encourage a diversity of pedagogies.
This article offers a counter narrative/stance to those who do not believe in the effectiveness of online education
The science fiction subgenre known for its utopian and liberation themes has become a vehicle for Black women artists.
This article provdies a view of agency and influence into an emerging genre
Kezia Williams, an entrepreneur and executive, is urging activists and allies to exercise their economic power by spending more money with black owned business
This article demonstrates digital inclusion and commerce.