Liberatory Design

As part of the Sankore Consulting Process we use Liberatory Design as one of our tools.  

Liberatory Design is  Human Centered Design Thinking + Equity 

The Liberatoy Design Process  includes   the with the framing  question of  “How might We”

This  is the driver for the session, the ‘essential question’ to be addressed.    The ‘how might we’ question is created to be big and provocative with no easy answer so the stakeholders have an opportunity for many access points and perspectives.   

We go through the process of creating Empathy Maps  in which participants interview each other asking and listening to each as they respond to the questions.

This allows everyone, all stakeholders to have their voices heard, their soul bared in the quest for liberation.  From there we created  problem statements and then solutions statements to  express our ideas. 

At this juncture we take off any inhibitors  and  consider “Are we giving ourselves permission to  consider ideas that may not feel possible in    order to move past status quo solutions?”  Teams then create prototypes  2D or 3D  renderings of their ideas/solutions to these very big problems or considerations.  

 Why  this process? By going through this work we as our ancestors would say ‘priming the pump’ or ‘tilling the field’ you are getting the  land, process, people ecosystem ready to  act upon, ready for change, ready for new ideas, ready for action.   Without this significant work, we are are  not equipped for the major changes that are often needed in authentic effective strategic planning  


  • What “How Might We” question could you address in your organization?

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