Developing Your Equity Leadership Identity

Understand the critical elements of organizational equity focus change 


As a leader, you will come away with an increased knowledge of how the educational system has worked to oppress BIPOC people and the contemporary consequences of that oppression. You will learn how to facilitate change in their organization.


This course will provide an overview of the Equity Leadership Identity Progression and the 5 Critical Lenses of Equity Leadership Identity. You’ll be prepared to ‘play offense’  and be strategic when promoting equity. 


We focus on change at the systemic level to address policy, practices, and procedures - the 3 keys to transformation. 

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and address your own cultural bias 

  • Understand historic and contemporary  educational oppression of BIPOC communities

  • Analyze and create equitable educational policies

  • Make courageous based decisions


What’s in the Course?

  • 4 hours /and 4 modules of equity leadership identity training 

  • A digital workbook designed just for the program 

  • A CEU/certificate upon completed

  • Online and self-paced for your convenience 

  • 3 hours online asynchronous engagement + 1 live webinar with the Sankore Consulting Team


Module 1 - Title


Description & outcome


Module 2 - Title


Description & outcome


Module 3 - Title


Description & outcome


Module 4 - Title


Description & outcome

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