Digital Equity & Engagement



Technology as a Tool for Inclusion 

Distance Education has increasingly become a part of the norm.   Experience our training to understand the opportunities and challenges of online education and what can be done at the classroom and system level  to  promote engagement and address inequities 


Empowering Educators to Use Tech Tools for Inclusion

This training examines the theoretical framework of digital equity, identifies pedagogical approaches, and strategies instructional solutions that provide equitable access and engagement to all learners. 


Digital Educational Leadership for Equity and Engagement

This training enables leaders and educators  to scrutinize the structural causes of digital inequality and leverage technology in advocating equity, diversity, and inclusion in education.


Participants will also develop skills and knowledge to promote digital equity through specific instructional strategies.

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“The content was so helpful for me, coming from a background with little technology experience and very little teaching experience. I feel like I have tangible resources I can use in my future classroom.”

“Not only did I learn about specific digital tools and resources, but I also have a better understanding of the issues that surround the digital divide.”

“I feel like I have a ton of resources at my disposal to not only integrate technology in my future classroom, but to also fight for closing the digital gap.”