Culturally Responsive Teaching Series

In this series, your teachers will be equipped to make adaptive changes

to the Curriculum and Pedagogy.

 Your teacher  will also learn how educational systems work to oppress marginalized students and how  to  be a transformational, anti-racist, and abolitionist educator.  


To make the adaptive change that is required to become a culturally-responsive educator, they will  need to understand their role in changing the tide that will lead to greater academic success for their students and reduced academic disparities.


Unlike other culturally-responsive trainings that focus only on strategies, we also provide adequate context and theory behind those strategies.

Outline of Culturally Responsive

Teaching Professional Development Sessions*

*All sessions are 3 hours

$2,000 per session for up to 50 participants

Available Virtually or In person (post COVID)

Culturally Responsive Teaching 101 - Foundations

In this session teachers will :

  • Understand the Historic Context for BIPOC students

  • Unpack the ‘Gap’

  • Explore Culture and its impact on teaching

Implicit Bias in the Classroom

In this session teachers will:

  • Develop a critical outlook on how educational systems and policy inform our classroom spaces

  • Understand the sociopolitical implications of distance learning

  • Explore Inclusive teaching strategies

Implicit Bias in Grading

In this session teachers will:

  • Understand mental models

  • Unpack teacher expectations

  • Explore strategies and methods for reduce grading inequities

Implicit Bias in Discipline

In this session teachers will:

  • Examine data related to school discipline

  • Understand the function of the school to prison pipeline

  • Explore alternative discipline methods

Culturally Responsive Teaching 201 - Applications

In this session teachers will:

  • Create a classroom using a Liberatory Design Thinking Process

  • Culturally Responsive Plan/Structure for their classroom

Culturally Responsive Teaching Evaluation & Action Research

In this session teachers will:

  • Cluster to talk about the challenges, opportunities and lessons learned as they applied the CRT Plan

  • Revise CRT Plans based on insight and feedback and then determine another implementation cycle